The Family Band Years [continued]
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... this is when Little Jimmy Dickens and Cowboy Copus first saw us at the Bayfront Auditorium [see photo]. They took our dad aside and encouraged him to get us to Nashville. Bye bye Miami. Note: On all of the songs June was the lead singer.

Soon after we were off to Nashville … not so fast. Dad heard of the Big D Jamboree in Dallas so he detoured to there. We stayed in Dallas about a year … while there we had our own
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radio show as well as performed on the Big D Jamboree. Sorrow and Pain is one song we sang during that period along with Cimarron, Snowflakes and a host of other tunes that were popular then.

Finally, off to Nashville. I will not bore you with the entire Hank Williams story since you’re read and heard it a number of times. Suffice it to say upon arrival we accidentally met Hank … that chance meeting changed our lives immeasurably … soon after we were touring with him on 
the Hadacol Caravan. We had a blast. After the Caravan ended, the offers to appear started pouring in so the Webb Sisters were off and running in country music.. During this time, I privately began pondering what it would be like to be a solo artist … I’ll share with you a war tune [mom wrote] I toyed with; Operation Heartbreak. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. To close out the Harmony Sweetheart – Webb Sisters era let’s do exactly what we did at the end of every appearance and radio show; we’ll end with a Gospel tune, Homesick For Heaven Okay time to close the Webb Sisters-Harmony Sweethearts era ... here's dad. Note, mind you, my younger brother [Ford] was only about 10 when he was doing this amazing steel guitar work.
The timing and such is a little fuzzy, however, it is clear what came next … much to the chagrin of my family, in the early 1950s I opted to become a solo act. My first contract was worked out with the great Chet Atkins [years later Chet and I jammed together fairly frequently], who at the time was the A&R [artist and repertoire] rep for the RCA label. It was a nice contract and it immediately put me on tour with the incomparable Jim Reeves. While with RCA I recorded two songs, one Jim wrote, Final Affair, and one I wrote, Crewcut Romeo, a song I penned one night while listening to famed WSM Radio in Nashville. I based the song on the fun DJ...

[Note: Did you notice how Final Affair sounded a lot like '50's Rock 'n Roll. That was by design to cross over]
The Promising Solo Career
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