...  happened by and saw what I was doing so he asked ‘why’ … after all, we rarely spoke of my singing career. That led to him saying, “you know, you still have fans.” I scoffed at the notion saying, “it’s been nearly 50 years, no one knows who June Webb is.” “Really”, said John, “we’ll see about that”. That conversation was soon forgotten … that is, until about a week or so later when I saw John pounding away at the computer keys. I looked over his shoulder and lo and behold John had quietly learned how to create a website and there it was, the Hey, it’s … June Webb! homepage. I was surprised … but still not convinced there was anyone out there who remembered me … frankly, I felt John was wasting his time. Well, nine calendar-years later I guess he was correct; via the site I’ve had the pleasure of meeting far more of you wonderful folks than I could have ever imagined. And to add to the joy I have met some of you in person when doing shows. Since that 2010 launch the site has focused quite a bit on what I have done since the return so I will not belabor the point. What I will do, however, is recap for those who have joined us late.
Unexpected and Unplanned Return [continued]
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>> Soon after the site went up there were droves of folks visiting. The overwhelming majority of them said two things: 1. ‘Great to have you back, Miss June’ or something similar to that and 2. 'You don't have any CDs'. To
the first point I say this; you made me feel so good and so appreciated … thank you! To the second point; oops, you were right. I asked John, “is there anything we can we do about that?” ‘Not really”, he said, “you didn’t have any albums so we have nothing to convert.” Sensing my disappointment that after all these years of fans being loyal I had nothing to offer them, John quickly added, “let me see what I can do.” Much to my shock, within a week he had pulled out all of my old 45s, somehow got them on his computer [John technical note: connected an Audio-Technica USB Turntable to my ASUS Laptop Computer], and removed each and every tick and scratch to make the clearest copy possible. He had then created a CD, artwork and all. Sony, who owns the rights to my two former labels [RCA and Hickory], put up a huge roadblock but John somehow got around that too … June Webb then… with a hint of now! was born!
A Few June Webb 45s
>> That CD release sparked a number of years of unexpected and unplanned country music activities including, but not limited to: an invite to be inducted into the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame from the National Traditional Country Music Association [NTCMA] … I was honored to accept >> a number of shows here in Florida and across the Midwest > being presented with a Lifetime Achievement award from the NTCMA … again, very honored >> several radio interviews here and abroad >> my music being played worldwide … and so on.

>> Let me stop here for a second to give credit where credit is due. We jumped from being away from country music for years to all of a sudden I’m doing live music and recording again. The key missing ingredient...
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