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>> On Top Of Old Smoky … sometimes spelled Smokey <> Folk songs like this were passed down for generations … therefore, when and where it was first created would be impossible to determine. Official publishing of these types of songs did not begin until the beginning of the 20th century. The credited original is by George Reneau in 1925 … however, as mentioned earlier, at the time a number of variations of the song had been around long before 1925 <> Hank Williams had a live cover in 1951 <> I combined George’s and Hank’s … let’s give it a listen … George for the first 35 seconds and then Hank’s in its entirety <> in 1955 deep-voiced Dick Curless did a nice job on it 
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George Reneau <> Hank Williams <> Dick Curless
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>> Uncle Pen <> written by the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame [1971] <> Bill and his Blue Grass Boys had the original in 1950 <> Excellent cover by Porter Wagoner in 1956 <> How about this surprise cover … Goldie Hawn, yep, that Goldie in 1972 … find it on Miss June’s Jukebox
Bascom Lamar Lunsford <> Lulu Belle and Scotty <> Bashful Brother Ozwald
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Songwriters, Originals and Covers Continued
>> Good Old Mountain Dew <> written by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Scotty Wiseman of Lulu Belle and Scotty <> Back in the 1920s Bascom Lamar Lunsford was a lawyer in rural North Carolina. That was during Prohibition … therefore, other than for medicinal purposes, selling alcohol as a drinking beverage was illegal. Lots of locals made illegal alcohol … they called it Moonshine. Bascom defended locals that were 
charged with making Moonshine … during one of those cases Bascom composed this song <> The original is by Lulu Belle and Scotty in 1935 <> Let’s spin a great cover by Miss June’s dear friend Bashful Brother Ozwald 1962 <> For sentimental reasons I want to also pay tribute to David Akeman aka Stringbean who, along with his wife Estell, was gunned down in front of his house on November 10, 1973. To that end, funnyman Stringbean’s terrific cover in on Miss June’s Jukebox
Bill Monroe <> Porter Wagoner
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