Back in her days in Hawaii far removed from music June dedicated herself to her other passion ... Art. Though she is an excellent artist with any and all types and styles of Art her main love is capturing Still Life Scenery through Oil Painting. With Traditional Country Music music being her priority we have backed off of the Art for the past handful of years but we continue to get inquiries from folks wanting to purchase her beautiful Art pieces. While she is not quite ready to shut the door on her #1 passion [Traditional Country Music] she has begun to again dabble a tad in the Art.

With that in mind, June selected four [4] Scenes she painted on the Island of Oahu while living there that she is willing to share with family and friends. I have created four [4] 2017 Yearly MAGNETIC Calendars out of the paintings that are perfect for sticking on the Refrigerator [or any metal object]. Each Calendar has a Title, an Inspiring Phrase ... and is PERSONALIZED! Magnetic Calendars are terrific; we've had one on our fridge for many years.

Below are Photos of the four Calendars. Click on each to enlarge. The cost of each is $9.00 [Includes Shipping]. If you wish to purchase more than one they are $7.00 each ... only ONE $2.00 Shipping charge [Example: Two would be $7.00 + $7.00 + $2.00 Shipping = $16.00]. The four Calendar set is only $27.00 [includes Shipping].

Here's how to order: Click on the Buy This button below the Calendar you wish to purchase and the link will take you to PayPal where you can pay with your PayPal account or with a Credit Card. You can also send a Check or Money Order to JUNE WEBB at June Webb Music - PO Box 19255 - Sarasota, Florida 34233.
When ordering make sure to include the name or names of the personalization. 
Note; Personalization will go where Joe and Jan are on the samples.

If you wish to purchase more that one send the appropriate amount to via PayPal [or mail it] with a note indicating which Calendars you are purchasing and the specific personalization for each.
If you have questions or custom requests email me before ordering ... I will respond within 24 hours.
2017 Calendars
1. Sailing at Sunset
[click to enlarge]
2. Looking Like Eden
[click to enlarge]
3. Making a Splash
[click to enlarge]
4. Stream of Life
[click to enlarge]