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You asked and here it is … a new June Webb CD! In 1960 June walked out of the recording studio for what she felt was the last time . However, due to countless requests for new music she went back in the studio beginning in 2013 and when she finally walked out she had put together a 13-song  masterpiece of real Traditional Country Music! Note the title; it reflects what this CD is all about … June singing  songs from her past  that have special meaning to her. Also there are fantastic originals; one written by June. Lastly there is a stunning special memory titled Tribute.. 
1. Ages and Ages Ago, 2. Break the News, 3. Oh Lonesome Me, 4. Snowflakes, 5. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, 6. I Think I Know, 7. I'm Living in Two Worlds, 8. Afraid , 9. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, 10. Long Long Ago, 11. Making Believe, 12. These Arms of Mine, 13. Tribute. 
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My first record deal was with RCA thanks to Chet Atkins ... yep, that Chet Atkins, who would become a dear friend. After a couple of RCA recordings I joined The Roy Acuff Show and in doing so switched to the Rose/Acuff Hickory Label. The CD contains many  of my 45-rpm recordings  plus four live performances and a bonus song.
1. A Mansion On The Hill, 2. (I Was Just Meant) To Be Lonely, 3. Conscience (Set Me Free), 4. Love Has Come My Way, 5. Friendly Enemy, 6. You Take The Table (I'll Take The Chairs), 7. I Wonder If You Know, 8. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, 9. Crew Cut Romeo, 10. Final Affair, 11. Sweeter Than The Flowers, 12. I Cried Again [Live], 13. Looking Glass [Live], 14. Hello Old Broken Heart [Live], 15. Afraid [Live].          To listen to a 30-second clip click on the corresponding number below:
June sings Making Believe and I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry on the Grand Ole Opry on August 15, 1992 during a special one-time appearance. Note: I'm So Lonesome... is poor quality for the first 1:25; the songs were recorded by Jim Rhodes [thanks] in Indiana off of a Transistor Radio that kept fading out.
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Making Believe
 I'm So Lonesome 
I Could Cry 
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Historian Byron Fay's Opry Blog
Click link above to go to KFAI. On Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 CT Ken Hippler superbly brings you traditional country!
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