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Miss June's Jukebox
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Updated April 2021
You're So Good When... 2021
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Wow, Real Country Music!
It's Too Soon To Soon... '57

                   Jukebox Notes
>> Artist 1 is up / Artist 2 is down <> Some song titles are abbreviated
D. Gibson / C. Copas
C. Gray / K. Crinion
Email: junewebmusic@aol.com
Are You Honest 1947
I'll Just Have Another... '60
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God Bless America video
Ride That Train 2020
M. Duff / K. Adams
Are You Teasing Me 1988
As Long As I Live 1946
Down Among The Bud... 1951
Bailes Bros / J. Eanes
God's Plan 2010
I'll Never Pass This W... 1949
D. Ryan / S. Whitman
Mr. Tin Man 2019
Nothing Is Too Small 2012
C. Thompson / B. Everhart
My Country Eyes 2017
Shutters and Boards 1962
K. Crinion / J. Wallace
A. Inman / B. Brown
I'm As Haggard As Th... 2019
Snap Your Fingers 1971
The Winds of Yesterday 1970
D. Curless / B. Willie
The Part Where I Cry 1961
Today I Started Lov... 2020
F. Young / B. Haggard
Play Us A Waltz 1965
A Few Old Memories 1965
H. Dickens/ H. Dickens
The Great Speckled... 2018
More Than A Name... 2017
See notes / Petersens
No One Will Ever... [practice]
You Win Again at LeMars
June / June
Break The News [practice]
Blue Blue Day [practice]
June / June
I Thought I Heard... 1958 
Bottle of Wine 2008
June / June
To Be Lonely 1960
In The Garden 2013
June / June
I Wear It Well 1962
>> The Merle Haggard sound-alike is Ben Haggard, Merle's youngest son
>> There are 2 June songs on the Jukebox no one has heard these versions before. First, Break The News. This is the original. The song, written by June's mom Louise, was on sheet music missing some components. We visited a music guru to help determine how June's mom wanted the song interpreted. After experimenting, this is what June and Debbie came up with ... just June on guitar and Deb on Keyboard. Terrific, far better than on the CD ... the CD producer interpreted it differently and June does not like that version ... she loves this one.
 <<< Real Traditional Country Music streaming online
>> The Jukebox focuses on Traditional Country Music ... all Traditional Country is welcome. To that end, there nice newer songs included.Tim Man is an excellent example.
>> The Miss June songs: some space at  the bottom of the Jukebox will be reserved for her songs.
The second song is No One Will Ever Know. We have played a short one with an error before, this is a full terrific version. This version was supposed to be on the CD but again the producer interpreted it differently so we scrapped it Remember, this is only practice.