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Miss June's Jukebox
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Updated April 2022
Tower Of Song 2022
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Wow, Real Country Music!
There Goes My Every... '66

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>> Artist 1 is up / Artist 2 is down <> Some song titles are abbreviated
J. Greene / G. Jones
J L Lewis/ G. Morgan
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Say It Is Not You 1968
Crazy Arms 1956
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God Bless America video
What Can I Say 2021
N. Wilson / A. Benfer
Shame On Me 1969
Sweet Memories 1972
Hills Of Home 1965
M. Newbury / H. Dickens
Beneath Still Waters 1976
I Wear It Well 1962
E. Harris / A. Inman
I'm So Afraid Of Losing... 1970
Keeper Of The Key 1963
C. Pride / L. Flanagan
If My Heart Had Windows '67
I'm Willing to Try 1961
G. Jones / R. L. Maphis
Oakridge  / C. Smith
I Sure Hate To See... 1975
Live Every Day 2022
Will You Visit Me On Su... '68
W. Nelson / C. Louvin
What's Your Mama's Na.. '72
When I Call Your Name 1989
T. Tucker / V. Gill
You Didn't Stop To Say... 1971
I'm Waiting Just For You 1951
L. Johnson / H. Hawkins
Tonight The Jukebox 1962
An Evening Prayer 1962
D. Duke / M. Robbins
A Mansion On The Hill 1959
Break News [Practice] 2016
June / June
Blue Eyes Crying In ... 1957
I Cried Again 1957
June / June
I Wonder W... [Practice] 2018
A Bottle Of Wine 2010
June / June
Making Believe 1992
Looking Glass 1953
June / June
>> Tower Of Song: A new song by Willie. The original is by British singer / composer Leonard Cohen ... the song is about Mr. Cohen's life as a songwriter. It describes once he was into it he couldn't and can't get out. For example, the reference to Hank is a place on the Tower Leonard hasn't reached yet since Hank has passed.

Here is Leonard Cohen's original: Tower Of Song

 <<< Real Traditional Country Music streaming online
>> The Jukebox focuses on Traditional Country Music ... all Traditional Country is welcome. To that end, there are nice newer songs included.
>> The Miss June songs: some space at  the bottom of the Jukebox will be reserved for her songs.
Elvira 1981
>> There are two practice songs by June this update .
>> This Jukebox update's Gospel tune is the beautiful Evening Prayer by Marty Robbins in 1962.