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Miss June's Jukebox
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Updated Saturday, June 16, 2018
I Cried Again 1957
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Wow, Real Country Music!
Blues Eyes Crying 1959

                  Jukebox Notes
>> Artist 1 is up / Artist 2 is down <> Some song titles are abbreviated
J. Webb / J. Webb
J. Webb / J. Webb
A Bottle of Wine 2008
A Mansion On The Hill 1959
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God Bless America video
Ages and Ages Ago 2015
J. Webb / J. Webb
To Be Lonely 1960
Living In Two Worlds 2015
Looking Glass
J. Webb / J. Webb
Making Believe 1992
Long Long Ago 2015
J. Webb / J. Webb
Hello Old Broken Heart '58
Wonder Where You... [2015]
J. Webb / J. Webb
These Arms of Mine 2015
I Thought I Heard You... 1958
J. Webb / J. Webb
J. Webb / J. Webb
Honolulu City Lights 2008
Be Honest With Me 1975
Boogie Woogie Girl 2007
K. Barnes /Micke Muster
Don't Worry 'Bout Me 2017
I'm Not Broke But .. 1953
R. Robbins/ Lattie Moore
I'm Willing To Try 1961
Where The Lonely Go 1982
R. Maphis / H. Locklin
Play The Saddest Song 1976
Set The Wedding 1957
C. Taylor / H. Carter
Sweet Memories 1972
That Old Heartbreak ... 1956
M. Newbury / B. Turner
The Precious Jewel 1962
Together Again [live 1960]
Louvin Bros/ B. Owens
Until The End Of Time 1974
We'll Stick Together 1965
N. Felts / K. Wells
Yellow Rose Of Texas 1955
Sing Sing Sing 1959
E. Tubb / P Wagoner
I'm So Lonesome ... 1958
>> Email me if you want to know a particular artist's first name or a complete song title
>> The 16 Miss June songs will remain in place other than I may replace a couple each month. The other 16 songs will be traditional country ... they will be replaced every 4 weeks if possible
>> I've replaced Miss June's 2012 Making Believe with the one she did on August 15,1992 on the Opry after being awy for 30 years

>> Buck Owen's Together Again is being played on KDXE radio in North Little Rock Arkansas. The station signed on as KNLR on April 19,1957. It was a daytime show owned by the Arkansas Valley Broadcasting Company. KNLR was powered at 1,000 watts  in the daytime but had to sign-off at sunset to avoid interfering with other radio stations on AM 1380. In 1959, it  changed its call letters to KDXE to reflect its "Dixie"-style
country music format. In 1986 KDXE switched to children's radio format
>> Micke Muster is a take-off of Jerry Lee Lewis. Really, who would have guessed ... chuckle. Here's Jerry Lee's original Boogie Woogie Man from 1974
>> Kathy Barnes, Marty Robbins Jr. aka Ronnie Barnes [yep, Marty's son], Rose Maphis, Hank Locklin, Carfmol Taylor, Helen Carter, Mickey Newbury, Buster Turner, Norvel Felts & Sharon Vaughn, Kitty Wells & Johnny Wright