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Miss June's Jukebox
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Updated Sunday June 30, 2019
I Cried Again 1957
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Wow, Real Country Music!
Blues Eyes Crying 1959

                   Jukebox Notes
>> Artist 1 is up / Artist 2 is down <> Some song titles are abbreviated
J. Webb / J. Webb
J. Webb / J. Webb
Email: junewebmusic@aol.com
A Bottle of Wine 2008
A Mansion On The Hill 1959
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God Bless America video
Tribute to Roy Acuff re 1992
J. Webb / J. Webb
To Be Lonely 1960
Living In Two Worlds 2015
Looking Glass
J. Webb / J. Webb
Making Believe 1992
Blue Darlin' 2008
J. Webb / J. Webb
Hello Old Broken Heart '58
Four Walls with Robin 2014
J. Webb / J. Webb
Bottle of Wine 2008
I Thought I Heard You... 1958
J. Webb / J. Webb
J. Webb / J. Webb
Honolulu City Lights 2008
I Wear It Well
A Single Yellow Rose 1992
Autry Inman /Isla Grant
Battle of New Orleans
Hills of Home
B Everhart/H Dickens
I Never Once Stopped Lov...
The Winds of Yesterday '70
B Schlegel/ Box Willie
Till The Rivers All Run Dry '76
After Today 1951
D Williams / J Irby
Log Cabin In The Lane '59
Lorelei 1949 DJ Cliffie Stone
Jim Eanes / Elton Britt
Now Is The Hour 1974
Roll In My Sweet Baby's... '66
Hank Snow/ B. Owens
A Good Country Song 1963
Down In The Valley 1954
H Cochran / S Whitman
Mr. Jukebox 1963
You Don't Love God if... 2017
E. Tubb / R Vincent
Afraid [live] 1958
>> Email me if you want to know a particular artist's first name or a complete song title
>> The 16 Miss June songs will remain in place other than I may replace a couple each month. The other 16 songs will be traditional country ... they will be replaced from time to time
>> Making Believe is from August 15,1992 on the Opry after being away for 30 years.

>> Bob Everhart has been in the music business a very long time. Today, he and his wife Sheila tour and record for the Smithsonian Institute in an effort to keep 'real' country music alive. His huge old time country music festival is held annually in Nebraska. Learn more at https://www.music-savers.com/.
>> Afraid is from a show in Australia in 1959.
>> Four Walls by Miss June and her daughter Robin Killen is unique. They were simply messing around with music in the living room when Robin visited. It is the first time Miss June and Robin had ever sung together. It was captured on a tiny Zoom Pocket Recorder.
>> Our Gospel tune is by the great Bluegrass singer, Rhonda Vincent.
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