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Gannaway [continued]
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Gannaway 2
First, I must address the seemingly countless sets of VHS or CD sets that claim to be Gannaway … most are not. Speaking with Larry Jones, the gentleman who purchased Al Gannaway’s company, I learned that the only ‘official’ Gannaway set is ‘Grand Ole Opry Stars of the Fifties: Memories’, period. That set only includes the Gannaway
Show performances. Caution, I have four sets of supposed ‘Opry Stars … Memories’ yet only one [1] is a true original set … the others are scrambled messes. The originals have real quasi engraved labels with a fancy font in black. There is also a ‘Grand Ole Opry Stars of The Fifties: Tribute’ set, which is combination of Gannaway performances as well as other performances including some from the actual Grand Ole Opry. Let me make this crystal clear … Gannaway is not the Grand Ole Opry … more on that later. On ‘Memories’ there are two June Webb songs:  June ONe Heartache at a Time is on Volume 1 Show 1 of
Tape or DVD 1 and Looking Glass is on Volume 3 Show 1 on Tape or DVD 3. One last point, there are varying opinions regarding what is Gannaway and what is not and what is included and what is not. To that end, this overview is written from June’s perspective, after all, as mentioned earlier, young June Webb was there so we are getting a firsthand perspective as she remembers it. Mind you, we are only providing an overview … there was a lot of legal jostling before an agreement to do the shows was made … and much confusion once the sessions were being organized due to binding contractual obligations elsewhere of some of the stars. 
Gannaway DVDs / Tapes
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Ahhh, finally … a little about the show. In the early ‘50s Al Gannaway agreed to produce a Country and Western Music TV Show starring Grand Ole Opry Stars … but it was not the Grand Ole Opry. In fact, it was forbidden to be filmed at the Grand Ole Opry. To that end...
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