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...  Charleston, West Virginia 12-31-1952, Canton Memorial Auditorium in Canton, Ohio. 01-01-1953 … the list goes on and on. Some stick out more than others for June … Sunset Park is a good example. That was an outdoor venue where the Country Stars did their shows [such as Hank Williams in 1952] as well and mingled with the fans. The Riverside Ballroom gig found June and Patsy clothing shopping, sharing a room, singing each other’s songs and simply having young girl-type fun [please, no
Patsy Cline with her early days touring car
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Sunset Park in Pennsyvania
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PC folks respond to the word girl, chuckle]. This is a good place to share a couple of Patsy’s songs as well as take a look at her early transportation: If I Could Only Stay Asleep [1958] and He Called Me Baby Baby [1964]. Back on
point, Venues ... the next place is not a specific gig per se; back in the Traditional Country Music era Bristol Tennessee was considered the ‘other Nashville’. Most of the acts at some point went through there including Miss June and her various touring partners. The Burger Bar in Bristol is required stop in Bristol … it has amazing food as well as a wonderful history of Country Music. The most buzzed about glimpse of history there is that it is said Hank Williams ate his last meal there. Near Bristol in Polk
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June Webb at Riverside Ballroom
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County Tennessee each year there is the RAMP Festival. What are Ramps? A pungent Onion-like plant that grows in the spring. The plant, and as an extension the Ramp Festival, is Part of Tennessee folklore

One side comment … back then every three weeks members of the Grand Ole Opry had to perform there. Sooo, they would come off the road, do a show, two or three. After the show or shows they would go out the back door of the Opry’s Ryman Auditorium, walk down a short alley and gather at Mom’s, which in 1960 became Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.
Next ... Touring … Artists and Transportation ... soon we'll pick up the pace with more music and photos ... a little more groundwork first ...