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First of all, who or what is Gannaway? In brief, Al Gannaway was a Hollywood motion picture [several successful movies] and television producer, writer, director and songwriter/ record producer. Most of his success was in the 1950s and 1960s.
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Gannaway 1
I realize we addressed the Gannaway subject eight or nine years ago on the site but with the passing of time many new June Webb fans have been added so let’s revisit ole Gannaway.
Owen Bradley's Quonset Hut
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The Gannaway Shows

Hi folks, from time to time we will explore different subjects that visitors to the site inquire about; this time it is regarding the Gannaway Shows. 

Note: The videos in the Gannaway write-up are in the order in which the star appeared on the DVDs. For example, Jim Reeves is first up with his appearance on Vol 1 > Show 1 > Song 1 ... Miss June will be next
there is one gentleman, who wasn’t even born until lonnnnng after the shows were filmed, that claims to have ‘researched’ Gannaway and has all the answers. Wrong … his take is completely different than all others, hmmm. Since Young June Webb was actually there and actually performed two songs as well as appeared in numerous episodes, I’ll take her word for it. As a second source of ‘facts on the subject’, Miss June’s dear friend, Jim Reeves, in his biography recalled the Gannaway Shows just as Miss June does. One other item that must be clarified, the title of the show. Again, we’ve heard it referred to by a number of different names but the actual show title is Stars of The Grand Ole Opry
On to the Gannaway Shows. There are as many stories about the shows as there are Sasquatch sightings. In fact,
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