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First of all, here is Miss June: "Hi everyone, just wanted to take a few moments to express my sincere wishes that you, your families and close friends have all weathered Covid-19. It is a difficult time for all of us worldwide but if we band together, use good judgement and be patient soon this dark period will be behind us. On a positive note, thank you for visiting our website and writing to say hello, I much appreciate it. Better say bye for now, I'm taking up a John's valuable update space. Just kidding, enjoy the update!"
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Roy Acuff - June Webb - Brother Oswald at Sunset Park
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On The Road With June And Friends
From the distant past all the way up to today musicians have headed out onto the road to get their music to the fans [customers]. The mode of transportation has changed over the decades; however, in truth the entertainment piece has stayed nearly the same. Meaning? A few acts travel together from gig to gig to provide fans with an entertainment experience. Sure, there are variations but in general that format has repeated itself countless times. Miss June’s experience was no different. Eleven (11) years ago we touched on briefly on transportation on this site … that said, in that many years a lot of new fans have become regular visitors to Miss June’s website so we feel it is a good time to visit the subject again, this time from a far different perspective as well as with new info and songs. Really though, travel is just a tiny portion of the update … it is about the entertainers Miss June toured with and music, music, and more music
 Let’s go!
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Venues: There were numerous venues back in the day that hosted Country Music shows … far too many in fact to list them all. Earle year-round entertainers crisscrossed this fine country end to end state after state after state while on the road. Though she enjoyed all of the places they played, some stuck out more than others. To that point, June in general does not remember who was on each ticket so I’ll just name a handful of venues that were popular at that time: Sunset Park in Jennersville, PA., New River Ranch in Rising Sun, Maryland ... let's stick in a teaser song from the Stanley Brothers at Sunset Park in 1960 [Orange Blossom Special]Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, TX, Riverside Ballroom in Phoenix Arizona, Murat Theater in Indianapolis, IN., the Ramp Festival in Tennessee, Municipal Auditorium in...