Notable Tidbits: Before leaving that wonderful country music era I was a part of, I want to make a few sidebar comments.

>> In the music field fans are always interested in main influences. In my case, I really did not have musical influences per se, I had my own style. However, I did have special fellow artists that helped me along so I want to give credit where credit is due. In no particular order: Little Jimmy Dickens … he, along with Cowboy, ‘discovered’ Shirley and I. That first meeting with my dad set the wheels in motion for my career. In addition, Jimmy was a true friend throughout my time in Nashville <>  The great Hank Williams … what can I say, he took us under his wing by inviting us to participate with him on the Hadacol Caravan. We toured with him a few times thereafter and we were even there that final devastating night he died. Note: The show went on ...
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... of fun ... here, see for yourself. Oz played the resonator guitar, the dobro, and most famously, the banjo. As an aside, I was good friends with...Oz’s daughter Linda, she and I went to the movies, skating, the pool … you know, girlie stuff <> The Wilburn Brothers were like brothers to me … when we traveled worldwide with the Roy Acuff show,  saw movies, shopped, and bowled on our days off ... oh, and at times we sang together on the show.

The Roy Acuff Show was also called The Roy Acuff Traveling Show. Aside from appearing frequently on the Grand Ole Opry, we traveled stateside and abroad extensively. Most of our U.S. travel was at night after shows … unlike today’s fancy busses, we used two or three caddy limos. For example, if acts like Jim Reeves or Floyd Cramer were traveling with us, we [Roy, Oz, Howdy and I plus others] would use Roy’s limo and the other acts would use another one or two limos. We did all of the main venues such as the Louisiana Hayride, the Big D Jamboree, the Wheeling Jamboree, Sunset Park and some not so mainstream. Abroad we visited many armed forces bases where we did USO-type shows. Some of the countries we played at overseas were: Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Spain and The Caribbean. On our days off overseas we did sightseeing and ate at recommended restaurants. A handful of beautiful cities we visited are: Florence, Venice, Paris and Rota. Looking back, I would guess that my two most requested songs were ... well, see for yourself ... Requested #1 and Requested #2 … truth is, Looking Glass is still the song that gets the most attention.

The Roy Acuff Show was a joy but I was being pushed to return to being a solo act … I was told I was in demand. Next, came a sequence of events that turned my life upside down and left many country music fans baffled. One Saturday night after a rousing applause from the wonderful Ryman Auditorium audience I walked off the hallowed stage and abruptly disappeared into the dark night never to be heard from again. My lips are sealed as to just why……

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