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Touring … Artists and Transportation [continued]
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June and Shirley touring in the Family Ford
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In the early days the Webb Family <> The Webb Sisters <> The Harmony Sweethearts traveled by automobile. They toured just as they do today, gig to gig to gig. Ballrooms, Fairs, Radio Shows, Arenas, High School Gyms, etc. That came to a surprising halt one evening when the young June and Shirley, backed by their family band, were appearing in a prominent Miami Hotel. Note: have a listen to a shortened Cold Cold Heart by the Harmony Sweethearts in 1950, June 15/16 Shirley 13/14 ... June does a little solo at about 10 seconds in]. That night they crossed paths with Little Jimmy Dickens and Cowboy Copas. At night’s end the country stars had convinced Mr. Webb to head for Nashville with his talented daughters. Immediately the family packed up their life and headed for Nashville to live … 
Big D Sportsatorium
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oops, hold that thought, Dad heard about the Big D Jamboree in Dallas and detoured there [hmmm, let's stick in a live performance from a Big D regular named Gene O'Quin singing The Hard Way in 1950]. Lo and behold Dad quickly created a family Radio Show as well as got the Webb Sisters booked at the Big D. Ahhh, June thought, “no more being on the road, we have found a permanent home”. Wrong! After one year Dad couldn’t get Nashville out of his mind so he packed up their lives 
again, hopped into the Ford and 665 miles later they pulled into their new city , gulp.Within 24 hours a chance meeting with a guy named Hank Williams at his clothing store. Yep, that Hank Williams … you know the superstar, before the word superstar came about … superstar singer, superstar songwriter and an outstanding guitar player that rattled off hit after hit after hit in a very brief but incomparable Country Music career. We all have heard Hank’s many standards but he had countless other fine songs such as The Log Train in 1952 as well as interesting songs like On Top of Old Smoky in 1951. Hank had June and Shirley sing a song for him right there in the store … an offer to join his Hadacol Caravan followed … uh oh, so began many years of traveling from gig to gig with some short stays at home in Nashville in between. The Hadacol Caravan tour played one-night stands at ballparks, race tracks, and fair grounds. Hank, at that time, and his Cherokee Cowboys traveled...
Hank Williams stocking boots at Hank and Audrey's Corral