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... what I did. At some point I moved to Hawaii where I led a quiet private life. How quiet and private? None of my friends knew I was ever a country singer much less on the Grand Ole Opry and such; I was just June and I liked it that way. One day in August of 1992 a telephone call interrupted my living in paradise … I was told Roy Acuff wanted me to appear on the Opry with him one more time. Somewhat taken aback by the out of the blue call I paused not sure what to make of it … but then the caller told me that Roy Acuff was nearing his life’s end so he really wanted to perform with me one more time. I was stunned, and mind you I had not sung a country song in 30 years, but quickly gathered my thoughts and replied, “I’ll be there; when, where exactly and how do I get there”. The caller was armed with all the answers so it was set. On August 15, 1992 I walked out onto the Grand Ole Opry stage for the first time in three decades; and oh, by the way … it was not the Ryman Auditorium but the new facility; I missed the historic Ryman. Roy and I chatted on
The Missing Years [continued]
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stage for a bit and then I did two songs; I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry and Making Believe. Unfortunately, my home VCR malfunctioned so I do not have a recording of that historic show. All is not lost, however … some years back John searched and searched to find the show. Finally, through a Grand Ole Opry historian friend of ours, Byron Faye, he was able to come up with a badly damaged and at times unintelligible [be warned] yet useable cassette recording off of an old tiny pocket transistor radio; you remember those. So, everyone, for the first time we are going to play the entire 11+ minute Grand Ole Opry segment [John here … I made a couple of minor adjustments]. There are a couple of notes: 1. The dates are off; for example, Miss June was away for 30 years at that time. 2. Mr. Acuff talks about Miss June beginning to appear in the U.S. … we all know that did not happen. With Mr. Acuff nearing the end, June was being thoughtful there. 3. As we all know, June wasn’t performing on a regular basis during the missing years as this broadcast appears to indicate … that’s showbiz, folks…

I am so thankful for that out-of-the-blue telephone call … why? Sadly, Roy passed away just three months later … it was a true blessing, we had one final Grand Ole Opry moment…

After that historic evening I went back into being private person June for another 18 years

August 15, 1992 - Opry
Unexpected and Unplanned Return
One morning nearly five decades after walking off the Ryman Auditorium stage, I was piddling at the computer [not my cup of tea whatsoever] curiously trying to determine why I have never received a penny of royalties from my recordings or the songs I wrote. Apparently, I was looking perplexed when John...
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