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 ... once Al Gannaway arrived from Hollywood, he and famed record producer / songwriter Owen Bradley created the set for the TV Show in Owen’s recording studio. The studio was converted to look like a barn complete with haystacks, wagon wheels, and such … how about that! In March of 1956 filming began … for the next several days it was lights – camera – action … a full TV Season of the new show was born! Note: Jim Reeves was only there on March 26th through the 28th, long enough to do the shows he was to sing on.
Gannaway [continued]
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Gannaway 3
So, now that we have a Studio and a Set, we need key players … you bet we do! Let’s start with the incomparable record producer that is often credited with creating country music’s ‘Nashville Sound’, Owen Bradley. Owen and his brother Harold opened a film studio in 1951 
quickly moving it twice until finally to a house with a Quonset Hut [corrugated galvanized steel arched structure] attached to the main building. The Quonset Hut was converted into a studio in 1955 [where Gannaway was filmed] -- it was the first studio on the street that would become known as Music Row. In 1961 Owen bought a farm outside of Nashville … he converted a barn into a 
demo studio and then the barn was upgraded to a first-class recording studio called ‘Bradley's Barn’, which became the most popular and legendary studio in country music. 
June Webb Memories Volume  1 > Show 1 > Song 5 - Just One Heartache At A Time
Back to Al Gannaway, the California-based entertainment guru, was the first to produce a television series using 35mm color film when television broadcasting was still exclusively in black and white … this series was that first color TV series! And, of course, there would be no show without booking the cast. What a cast it was, it was the biggest gathering of country stars ever … there were often 6 or 7 stars at one time. Jim Reeves, June Webb, Ernest Tubb …  
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