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chuckle. Cindy … she was determined to show Bing Crosby a song she had written for him so she dashed into the studio. As luck would have it, 
tomorrow and perform it for Bing”. The next day, Cindy and her guitar performed the song for Bing … Lone Star Trail became a #10 hit for Bing Crosby … and one of the greatest songwriting careers in history was launched … the incomparable Cindy Walker’s career never looked back. During her career, Cindy wrote hundreds of songs that were recorded by a virtual who’s who of artists across several music genres. Across five decades, Cindy penned both Country and Pop hit songs.
Songs Written by Cindy Walker
Mini Bio 
Though Cindy was a wonderful singer, she preferred being in the background … songwriting gave her that. As an aside, though Cindy was a beautiful woman both in appearance and soul she never married. She stayed in the same house her entire life once she returned from LA after 13 years.
In 1940, 22-year-old Cindy went with her Mom and Dad on a business trip to LA. While driving down Sunset Boulevard Cindy saw Bing Crosby’s Studio. She had long imagined if she ever got to Hollywood, she was going to pitch the song to Bing … when 
she saw the studio, Cindy asked her Dad to stop ... reluctantly he did, frankly, he thoughts she was nuts,
Larry Crosby, Bing’s brother, was aware his brother was looking for a Western song for a movie he was soon to star in. Mom on piano and Cindy singing did the impromptu audition. Larry was impressed … "Come back
One of Cindy’s unique writing skills, was very similar to that of Norro Wilson, to custom write songs for particular singers. For example, Distant Drums was written for Jim Reeves. Here is an eye-opener … Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys recorded over 50 Cindy Walker songs. I should note that You Don’t Know Me is one of the most recorded songs of all-time … seemingly all top artists have recorded it. Cindy Walker songs have been used in countless movies as well. 
Cindy Walker’s greatness did not go unnoticed: Country Music Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame to name a few honors.
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