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but not before the big finish!
Sadly, it's true ... the end is on the horizon; it's time to close down the June Webb site. It's been a lot of fun sharing Miss June's music and experiences as well spinning a yarn or two ... and, yep, there's that good ole traditional country music as well. The decision is not without sadness for us but we feel the time has come. That said, rather than close cold turkey we decided to do one last update that will run until October 30, 2018 at which time we will close the curtain for the final time. Soooo, before the curtain closes on the site we've decided to dedicated the entire site to Miss June from start to finish. Along the way she will share a few stories too ... uh, don't expect any saga's or standup routines; remember she is a lady of few words under normal circumstances ... and even more so when it comes to telling Miss June stories due to her being incredibly humble. Nonetheless, she has had a wonderful musical ride and she will share some great experiences with us.

Note from Miss June: Many times, I have been asked to write a Biography and/or a tell-all book. The truth is I have thought about writing a book about my time in country music since it was a fabulous experience filled with many characters, places, incidents and stories; no doubt it would be an interesting read. However, being a very private person, the biography piece does not interest me whatsoever. The ‘tell all’ piece? No way, the aforementioned ‘characters’ were my peers, my friends, my music partners so no way could I expose any of their dirty laundry. Nope, those folks brought me tremendous joy and that is exactly where I will leave it…
Now, let’s play out my country music career … though you have seen and read and heard much about it over the years on this site, this is the first time we have put it into perspective; I hope you enjoy it.
June … as told by her
[with requested assistance by John]
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