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Welcome to ‘This Is Your Musical Life, Miss June’ 
June Webb’s Music Career Told In Music, Photos and Videos
Along the way Miss June will share a few stories too ... uh, don't expect any saga's or standup routines; remember she is a lady of few words under normal circumstances ... and even more so when it comes to telling Miss June stories due to her very impressive humbleness. Nonetheless, she has had a wonderful musical ride and she will share some great experiences with us.
The Early Years [click here to read details]: The Webb Sisters [June and Shirley as kids] 1946 Interview … time to sing South America Take It Away … Lullaby Yodel 

June and Shirley - The Webb Sisters
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June -  Hank Williams - Shirley
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Now, let’s play out June’s country music career … though you have seen and read and heard much about it over the years on this site, this is the first time we have put it into perspective; we hope you enjoy it.
This format will be heavy on music, videos and photos and short on text.
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