... who was an interesting character. This was a fun period in my life; my personal life was good, I was touring with Jim, and at times the Everly Brothers, I was doing shows [for example, this one in '57 with Jim], writing songs, and my songs were on the charts [including crossing over to rock ‘n roll]. But as they say, all things must come to and end … and end they did it, kaboom! One day while horseback riding at Bill Carlisle’s [known for his novelty songs such as No Help Wanted and Too Old To Cut The Mustard but was also a prolific songwriter]  the
The Promising Solo Career [continued]
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ranch, the paint I was on stopped abruptly and so did my solo career. The horse tossed me several feet into the air. As a result, I had a compound fracture in my left ankle and was sidelined for a year. Naive believing my solo career was finished, as I had been told by someone I trusted, when I was ready to return, I had my agent find me something to try to get my foot back in the country music door. Along came an audition with the Roy Acuff Show … I sang a great Autry Inman song, I Cried Again, and was signed to a contract that night.
The Roy Acuff Show era
It’s important to me to start the Roy Acuff Show period by introducing the fine folks I worked with there … we were like a family. Of course, Roy Acuff … he was like a father figure to us … he treated us all like we were his kids. He always made sure everyone was safe, especially me as a young lady. As you know, Roy played the fiddle and sang <> Howdy Forrester, a very nice person, was, in my opinion, one of the greatest fiddlers in country music. I feel he has been underrated. An innovative musician, Howdy, created the wonderful intro for one of my hit songs. I'd like to share with you the first time I sang it on a TV show ... please take note of Howdy's great fiddle work on I’m So Lonesome I
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Could Cry <> Jimmy Riddle was known as a cutup, and he was indeed funny as can be, however, he was more so a very talented musician. Not only was he a longtime member of Roy Acuff’s band, he was a regular on Hee Haw for years. As mentioned, perhaps overlooked, Jimmy was a very talented musician … he played harmonica, piano, and accordion. It may surprise you to know he was a formally-trained classical musician. Here's a short video glimpse of Jimmy with a group called Goofus, yep ... Goofus <> Bashful Brother Ozwald, what can I say that ... hasn’t already been said. He was a great guy and lots...
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