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The Promising Solo Career [details] In the early 1950s June opted to become a solo act ... [Final Affair] and [Crewcut Romeo] … this was a fun period in June’s life <> Along came an audition with the Roy Acuff Show … I Cried AgainNote: There will be a couple of videos from the solo days under Gannaway.
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The Family Band
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The Family Band Years: [detailsWebb Sisters and later the Harmony Sweethearts …, Cimarron Roll On, and Snowflakes [June on lead]… Sorrow and Pain ... <> Pondering what it would be like to be a solo artist … she toyed with a war tune [mom wrote], Operation Heartbreak <> Ended every appearance and radio show with a Gospel tune, Homesick For Heaven <> Time to close the Webb Sisters-Harmony Sweethearts era ... here's June's dad, James [10-year-old Ford on steel guitar].
The Roy Acuff Show Era [details]: Roy Acuff ... My Old Pal of Yesterday with June <> Howdy Forrester … note Howdy's great work on I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry <> Jimmy Riddle … a short video glimpse <> Bashful Brother Oswald, Oswald funnin' <> The Wilburn Brothers … sang with June on the show <> June’s two most requested songs were Looking Glass and A Mansion On The Hill … truth is, Looking Glass is still the song that gets the most attention.
Looking Glass [1959 having fun]
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No Teardrops Tonight 
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