June Webb ...
          the Last Show
         Fremont, Nebraska - October 03, 2015

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“that was the best live traditional country music show I have seen in many years!” That is high praise indeed; Mr. Everhart, who is sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute to keep America’s roots music alive, hosts many traditional country music shows each year and attends countless more, wow! The show followed the presentation for June's Pure Country CD of the Year for 2015 award.

The show was too good to miss so I’m going to take you back to October 3rd … we’ve got great seats on the right-hand side of Fremont’s fine Christensen Field Arena. Before the show begins there are a few key points to make:
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Christensen Field Arena
>> Minutes before the show we found out that the band we expected to back June did not show leaving the headliner without a backing band, gulp. The anxiety literally made June ill. As they have said in the entertainment business since the 1800s, “the show must go on” so the show host quickly rounded up some musicians from the crowded arena. A shaken June went on stage under those unfortunate conditions.
>> The musicians, though each individually were very good, did not know June’s music so she threw out the entire show she had put together over the previous several weeks and went with songs she felt were better suited for the unusual situation … in other words, she winged it on stage! She did a magnificent job even pulling songs out of the hat she hadn’t sung in 50 or more years!
>> The audio is not nearly as good as the audience in the arena heard; that was absolutely great! I did my set-up by the Front Band and had it exactly where I needed it to be. However, during the pre-show interview June was talking so softly that someone stuck a second microphone on the stage 24 inches from June’s [you will notice it] to give both June and host Bob a mic. That worked well but they forgot to remove it once the show began so it distorted to a degree the sound the video camera picked up … it was too loud. It makes the musicians sound so-so whereas in reality they did a terrific job. The distortion affected June’s audio as well but she still sounds amazing.
>> I had to edit out a few spots … a Snake Oil saleslady loudly pitched some miracle cure for whatever ails you to me while I was videotaping so I had to do some editing to get out voices and other noises that did not belong there, chuckle.
Well folks, it appears the long wonderful country music career of June Webb has come to an end; at least as far as doing shows. To cap off her show career June; on October 3rd in Fremont, Nebraska, delivered a great performance that had Bob Everhart, President of the National Traditional Country Music Association, gushing:
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