Marty Stuart [continued] ... The Nashville Grass singing and picking Bluebird Singing … here we are in 2020, 50 years later, and he is still going strong. Yes, Marty has won 10 or so major awards, has had numerous hits, has a number of other ​endeavors and had a successful 174-episode TV show [here’s I Still Miss Someone from the show], but, in our opinion, that is not all there is to Marty Stuart. A couple of years ago June and I had the honor and pleasure to spend some quality time with Marty along with his friends/bandmates, The Fabulous Superlatives, Kenny, Harry and Paul at the time I believe … and they are fabulous, uh, superlative! The band members are all nice guys, gentlemen, pleasant and super talented. Marty? Well, he is a gentleman, very personable and thoughtful. Allow me to stop here on ‘thoughtful’ for a moment or two to elaborate since oftentimes top celebrities are seen only as A-listers and not everyday folks. Not Marty, how thoughtful is he? Wellll, very … a couple of years ago Marty, as super busy as he is, went out of his way to clear some time on his calendar to organize a June Webb Day up in the Nashville area. Oh, heavens no … ugly timing, a critical personal crisis in my life made it absolutely impossible to make the trip. So, the special much-deserved June Webb Day did not happen. No doubt tremendously disappointed, June still beamed as she expressed appreciation and high praise for Marty’s incredible thoughtfulness, she was absolutely thrilled he thought enough of her to do that for her. Like I said, Marty is the real deal folks, a fine person … and, of course, he is an amazing musician, singer and entertainer [The Greatest Love of All]. The night of our visit, Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives, put on a show the likes of which neither June nor I have ever heard before. They are beyond great and Marty’s voice is one of a kind … he can sing traditional country This One's Gonna Hurt You (For A Long, Long Time) with Travis Tritt in 1992, today’s country, soft rock, Gospel [The Unseen Hand] in 2008 … okay, you get it, whatever they call it Marty can sing it. Mind you, Miss June did this for a living for many years yet she says Marty and his guys are the best band she has ever heard. That is high praise indeed. Marty Stuart, without question, belongs at or near the top of any list regardless of what music period he comes from. Let's add one more, the terrific Farmer's Blues with Merle Haggard in 2003!
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he/they beautifully performed that night. Okay, Marty, take us home. Be Safe and Healthy everyone, God Bless you... 
Now Marty, backed by The Fabulous Superlatives, will end site update #52 with the amazing Gospel tune 
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NEWS FLASH! ... August 12, 2020.
We've just learned Marty will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame! This is a
well-deserved honor that is long overdue. Congratulations, Marty, your remarkable impact on country music is now etched into history at the Hall of Fame for generations of country music lovers to see and admire...