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existent  [lately some of the newer stuff has surfaced here] we could not fulfill that request. However, the din of that request by loyal fans got louder and louder so we decided to somehow make it happen. Fortunately, a fan and now dear friend in Minnesota had a music recording studio [Jim Reynolds’s Custom Recording Studio] and offered to take on the project. After a lot of preparation, we made the 4,000-mile roundtrip to record the CD. Jim had put together a great bunch of guys to back me so it was a fun though whirlwind experience. It was a long two
Unexpected and Unplanned Return [continued]
full days but everyone hung in there; I appreciated that. Some of us might have stayed over to do a little tweaking a third day but I had committed to do a show in Anita, Iowa so John and I had to hit the road.
... >> Early On we began getting requests for me to do some new traditional country music. We felt being in Sarasota, Florida, where country music, much less traditional country music, is basically non-
June Recording Minnesota
Once we reviewed the original Minnesota take we decided we needed to go back into the studio to rework some of the stuff, which is quite normal in my business. Since Minnesota is so far from us, John found a local rock-oriented studio [specifically the audio engineer Bud Snyder] that was willing to take on this country project as a favor to me. Why would a stranger, much less a rocker, want to do me a favor? When John initially called him, he had out and out rejected the project until he heard my name. As it turns out he was at one time the sound man for the Allman
Brothers Band and while in Nashville recording one of their albums he had ...
Spirit Ranch Studio
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