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The Glaser Brothers
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>> Dallas Frazier <> October 27, 1939 – January 14, 2022: Up next is a guy that may not be big-time according to name recognition but sure is in terms of talent … as well as his work being very, very well known. Dallas was a musician and songwriter … with a huge emphasis on songwriting. Dallas got an extremely early start in the music business, Ferlin Husky hired him for Husky’s band at 12 years old. His first hit, a song he wrote, was 1957’s Alley Oop. You folks likely are more familiar with the #1 Rock ‘N Roll hit by the Hollywood Argyles in 1960. Though Dallas was a singer and charted 8 times [none in the top 10] his claim to fame clearly is his songwriting. His songs were recorded by artists across nearly every
Jerry Lee Lewis
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Dallas Frazier
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genre of music. Here are just a handful of the numerous chart toppers Dallas wrote [Note: they are all on the Jukebox]: Say It's Not You - George Jones [1967], Elvira - Oakridge Boys [1981], There Goes My Everything - Jack Greene [1966] [Note: Ferlin Husky had this first but foolishly passed on it], If My Heart Had Windows - George Jones [1967], I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again - Charley Pride [1970], Will You Visit Me On Sundays - Charlie Louvin [1967], What's Your Mama's Name - Tanya Tucker [1973] at 14 years old and Beneath Still Waters – George Jones [1968] and became a big hit by Emmylou Harris in 1976. Dallas Frazier was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1976 … oddly, son after he began backing away from his music … in fact, eventually becoming a Christian Minister. In 2006 he returned to songwriting. Quite a career! Want a little of Dallas as a singer? Okay, here are three originals that later other stars would take to the top of the charts: ElviraI’m So Afraid Of Losing You Again and There Goes My Everything. Not bad, not bad at all…
>> Jerry Lee Lewis <> September 29, 1935 to October 28, 2022: Let’s start with a fun fact … Miss June and Jerry Lee were friends, she thought the world of him. Says he was a great guy and a lot of fun. Many folks will see Jerry Lee Lewis as a Rock ‘N Roll artist … and that would not be wrong. Billboard ranks him as the 24th Rock ‘N Roll star of all time.