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Delmore Brothers received numerous awards including the Hall of Fame, Alabama Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. Okay, one more tune, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar [1933]
Delmore Brothers
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Family Harmony [continued]
... mother [Mollie] who wrote and sang Gospel it is little wonder both brothers were grounded in Gospel music. Both Alton and Rabon were singers, songwriters and musicians. The Delmores helped shape traditional country music as a result of their unique Appalachian, Gospel, Folk, and Blues background and their use of unusual instruments such as a four-string Tenor Guitar. And, of course,
had tremendous harmony. By 1936 the Delmore Brothers were the Opry’s most popular show … but that fell apart in 1939 due to contractual issues. The Delmore Brother’s success waned post the Opry and in 1952 Rabon died at 36 bringing a tragic close to the Delmore Brothers story. Tragic??? Yes, due to his brother’s death, Alton had a heart attack, his dad dies and his daughter died … tragic. The final tally finds that the Delmore Brothers wrote over 1,000 songs, including Brown’s Ferry Blues performed here for this harmony special by the McGee Brothers. With so many songs written, one would guess they had a massive discography … yep! Blues Stay Away From Me [1950] is their most popular song. The classic Beautiful Brown Eyes was written by Alton Delmore with arrangement assistance from Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith. The
The Forester Sisters: Venturing out of our normal mainly ‘50s and ‘60s traditional country focus, let’s give some family harmony kudos to Lookout Mountain, Georgia sisters Kathy, June, Kim and Christy Forester. Like many groups and/or solos, the Forester Sisters begin their climb to the top singing in church. All four earned a college degree and while singing in church held regular jobs, Kathy and June were teachers. By 1978 the sisters had a yearning to do music full time therefore quit their jobs to begin performing at festivals, Fairs, etc. In ’84 the Forester Sisters were 
Forester Sisters
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'discovered’ … they went into a studio to record their first song and album … the rest, as they say, is history. In the 1980s the Forester Sisters found tremendous chart success with 15 top 10 hits, including four #1 hits out of their first seven releases! One of the #1s, You Again, was their most requested song. All and all, the sisters had 13 straight top 10 hits, wow! The Forester Sisters won Top Vocal Group honors at the 1986 Academy of Country Music Awards. They took a five-year break before going into the studio again in 1996. Today Kathy and June are back to teaching. Kim and Christy are both in the Interior Design field.
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