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...  heard of June Webb. Back on point, it took well over a year but finally in late 2015 Reminiscing with Miss June Webb was released. The CD became Pure Country Music CD of the Year.

>> On the site, Miss June’s Jukebox has been a big hit.

>> The last ‘official’ activity prior to deciding to semi-retire was receiving the aforementioned CD of the Year award. The ceremony took place in a beautiful Midwest town, Fremont, Nebraska. Following the ceremony, I was honored to do a show for the wonderful, and I mean wonderful, folks there. At first it was one of the most frightening music experiences I've ever had. Just minutes before I was to go on, for some reason there was no band to back me up. John and Bob Everhart ran around trying to come up with some musicians from the crowd ... shortly thereafter a nice gentleman came in the tune-up area and offer his services ... we quickly talked about my style and such. When they announced my name I was truly alarmed ... I thought, 'is there going to be any musicians other than the one guitarist on the stage when I arrive.' Fortunately there was. Truth is these guys did not know my music so I wasn't able to perform the show I had created for this special event. Instead, I went with songs I felt they could pick up quickly. In fact, you will note that I oftentimes lean sideways so they can see the notes I'm strumming. Considering the situation, these guys did a nice job. Note: you will note that at times the sound appears a tad odd or garbled. That's because when I was being interviewing they put an extra microphone on stage and John adjusted the video camera volume. When the show started they forgot to remove it and John forgot to readjust the video volume so it distorted the sound a tad. This type thing happens in the music business. Here are a couple of videos from that final show ... Afraid and I Wonder Where You Are Tonight; hope you enjoy them as much as I did performing them.
Unexpected and Unplanned Return [continued]
>> Earlier in this career recap I told a story about the classic song Four Walls as well as played for you a practice cover [with friend Lenny] I did not long ago. Well, now I want to share with you a special moment for me. Recently my daughter Robin, a gospel singer-songwriter, visited John and I. Visiting us is nice, but Sarasota also is beautiful as far as cities go and it has a lot touristy stuff. You can drive just 10 minutes to the Sarasota Bayfront to enjoy Bayfront Park or marvel at the famous WWII Unconditional Surrender landmark. Following that, most visitors cross the Ringling Bridge to shop at the international shopping mecca St. Armand’s Circle or go to Lido Beach or they may opt to...
Robin & Mom enjoying the historic City Pier on Anna Maria Island. Unfortunately, hurricane Irma destroyed it this past summer.
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