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... Little Jimmy Dickens continued: Paradise Fly up Your Nose, Truck Load of Starvin' Kangaroos, Out Behind the Barn and A-Sleeping at the Foot of the Bed. None of those have played on this website … we play his ballads such as Singing Waterfall in 1960 and 1968’s You Wouldn't Cross the Street.
With June having been on the Roy Acuff Show for a number of years, a lot has already been said about Roy Acuff on this website. “The King of Country Music” was very intelligent, a gentleman and very much into politics. June likened him to a father figure for most of the other personalities on the show. In 1959 he and June sang My Old Pal of Yesterday on the Roy Acuff Show … speaking of the show, in 1957 he, June and the Smoky Mountain Boys sang Gotta Travel On. Here’s a little bit of unknown history … Roy’s recording of Swamp Lily in 1953 was written by Miss June's Mom, Louise Webb.
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Roy Acuff - Tour Car
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Floyd Cramer, this serious pianist pretty much kept to himself. Got his big break in 1955 by joining Elvis’ band after an appearance on the Louisiana Hayride. He is on many of Miss June’s recordings. In Nashville Studios there were many Studio Musicians that backed artists’ recordings for a living … 
Touring … Artists and Transportation [continued]
Family harmony generally is the best and according to June that is especially true for the following brothers. When one thinks of Phil and Don, the Everly Brothers, their mind immediately jumps to Rock ‘N Roll, I know mine does. And that would be mostly true. However, they dipped their toes in Country Music now and again with songs like 1958’s Silver Haired Daddy of Mine and Rovin’ Gambler. Heck, in the early days Phil and Don were signed by Chet Atkins to RCA … many of their earlier recordings, including their Rock ‘N Roll hit All I Have to Do Is Dream, were recorded in the RCA Studio on Music Row in Nashville using both Country music star musicians and session musicians can’t get too much more country than that. One little fun tidbit ... June sang Bye Bye Love with the Everly brothers before they recorded it in 1957.
Everly - Tour Bus
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Floyd Cramer
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