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The Kendalls
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Family Harmony [continued]
The Kendalls: Again stepping out of our normal focus area, 

let’s take a look at the The Kendalls, father Royce and daughter Jeannie. This duo raised some eyebrows back in the day due to a father and daughter singing intimate love and cheating songs. But that buzz soon faded and the real focus was solely on their talent. In 1969, when Jeannie was just 15, the duo recorded their first album. In 1970 one of the songs on the album was released as a single, Leaving On Jet Plane, a Peter, Paul and Mary hit, which made it to #52 on Billboard. By 1977 the Kendalls had hit their musical stride and maintained that momentum until 1985. After Royce died May 22, 1998, Jeannie went into deep depression for a long period. Finally, Jeannie pulled herself together and began a solo career. Though chart success has eluded her, she has had success touring and still tours to this day. Let's try a little Kendall family harmony ... Sweet Desire, 1977's Heaven’s Just A Sin Away and 
The Petersons: This family was added because they are darn good ... I knew you folks would love their music. The members are a mom and her kids ... Katie Petersen on fiddle, Ellen on banjo, Matt on guitar, Julianne on mandolin, Karen [mom] on bass, and Emmett on dobro. Hey, what about dad? Well, dear ole dad has a career in the Air Force. These folks are special ... all play instruments, most multiple instruments, and sing. That's not the whole of it, they also have impressive educational credentials. The family 
The Petersens
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band performs full-time in Branson, MO. These folks are outstanding. Watch them perform the amazing Jimmy Fortune patriotic song, More Than A Name On The Wall and practice Dolly Parton's Jolene. You know what, this family is so good I feel compelled to spin another tune ... have a listen to recent release Gospel Sweet Beulah Land with Ellen on lead. 
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