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Jerry Lee Lewis [continued] … However, lest not forget Country … Jerry Lee had 30 top 10 country music songs. Of course, Jerry Lee was one heck of a piano player … his parents mortgaged their home to get him his first piano. Jerry Lee was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2022. Enough chatting, time to spin a few country and western 45s by the great Jerry Lee Lewis … She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye in 1969, You Win Again live in 1979 and an outstanding cover of Will The Circle Be Unbroken in 1956. And just think, recently a knot-headed journalist wrote, ‘Jerry Lee Lewis’ career came off the rails in 1958 and never recovered due to his controversial marriage that year’. Really? A seven-decade sparkling career later, hmmm … how ridiculous and ugly-minded can one journalist be.
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RIP 2022 [continued]
We have a two-part Gospel finale to close out our 2022 tribute to these wonderful entertainers.. As a rule, in the past I chose to use various traditional country music singers’ covers of Precious Memories to end these sad but memory-filled tributes. We will do the same here…

First, Jerry Lee Lewis with a heartfelt video talking Precious Memories sentiment 

Secondly, our favorite cover of Precious Memories beautifully done by normally humorous, Lonzo and Oscar