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Bill Anderson [2010] … we had a special on Bill a while back so no write-up or lots of songs necessary. In 1963 Bill released Still … it stayed at #1 for 7 weeks! In 1967 Bill scored another #1, For Loving You with Jan Howard.
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Bill Anderson
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Johnny Western [1999] … born Johnny Westerlund but went by Johnny Western. Why? Glad you asked, because after seeing Gene Autry in the movie Guns and Guitars he wanted to be a singing cowboy. In 1950 he was part of the Sons of the Pioneers. Johnny had a small role in an episode of "Have Gun, Will Travel" ... after which he wrote, The Ballad of Paladin [1958] a thank you to star Richard Boone. Wayward Wind [1960]
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Charlie and Ira Louvin [2001] were best known as The Louvin Brothers. They became members of the Grand Ole Opry in 1955. The Louvin Brothers split up in 1963 … Ira died in a car crash in 1965. Charlie continued as a solo act until his death in 2011. 
Louvin Brothers
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Here is Charlie with Say It's Not You [1968], Precious Jewel [1962], I Can't Keep You in Love with Me [1960] and
All The Lies Are True [1965].
Vernon Oxford [2003] … is a singer, songwriter and actor. In his career he has flown mostly under the radar with only a 
Vernon Oxford
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handful of chart hits, none in the top 10. That said, he is a fine traditional country music singer. Like Slim Whitman, Vernon found perhaps more success in Britain. Lord, I've Tried Everything But You [1979], I'd Rather See You Wave Goodbye [1968], Shadows Of My Mind [1975], If I Had My Wife To Love Over [1978].
Lonzo & Oscar [2003] were a very popular country comedy act. However, John, that would be me, liked their serious 
Johnny Western
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Lonzo & Oscar
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singing, which was fairly rare, trust me, they were good singers. Over the years there were three different Lonzos that performed with Oscar. Lonzo and Oscar owned a recording studio as well as their own record label. Their ...