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... and the ones that have played my music since returning … Darwin Lee Hill in Poughkeepsie NY, a longtime friend of mine <> Miro Desperak in Poland, a very nice guy, excellent DJ and friend ... he is a big-time traditional country music fan <> Ken Hippler in Minnesota [there is no photo of Ken because he requested we do not post a photo of him. We honored that request], a longtime friend of John. Ken is an excellent top-drawer longtime DJ with an impressive knowledge of traditional country music. Ken's Good 'n Country streams live on KFAI in Minnesota Saturday afternoons <> Barry Wass in Australia [recently retired] <> Dann Hansen in Sweden <> Dick Storm a superior DJ in the town in which I was born in Michigan. He is a dear friend of ours and a fine person. He's has done a lot to support and promote my music. In fact, here is a 2010 or 2011 interview with him on his show Interview Part 1 ... Interview Part 2. His radio show streams live Saturday mornings on Eagle Country's Keep It Country 105.7 FM WCUP <> Last but not least, Noel Parry in New Zealand. They have all been good to me over the past nine years and some years longer on their Traditional Country Music radio shows, especially Dick and Ken. One DJ earns special recognition … he has been incredibly good to me and my music. Noel Parry, who has become a dear friend to John and me, hosts a fine three-hour country music show each Wednesday evening New Zealand time [Tuesday late night eastern time … 10:30 PM this time of year]. He streams live via the Internet on New Zealand's Radio Southland website. At one time Noel played almost exclusively old traditional country music but as his popularity has grown by leaps and bounds he gets CDs of newer traditional-like country singing artists from around the globe that are looking for airtime. To that end, he plays their traditional-like as well a pure traditional country music … it is a fascinating show to listen to … it seems traditional-type country music still thrives everywhere but here in the U.S. where it originated. Noel, if he can, thoughtfully spins three of my songs each week. Thank you, Noel! Here's John, "now folks, here is a big treat … on March 27, 2018 [Eastern U.S.] Noel did a 60-minute June Webb dedication. Miss June and I would like to share it with you. I have broken it down into two parts so it will load easier. Enjoy it!
[Miss June Part 1 ... Miss June Part 2]" Note: These two shows load a tad slow; be patient.
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Unexpected and Unplanned Return [continued]
There you have it, a snapshot of my time in country music, real country music I should say. It has been a long winding road for me; when you’re in the music business you have peaks and valleys, happiness and heartbreak, work overload and work drought, wonderful relationships and cautious relationships … and in order to maintain a solid career and a sound mind it is important you balance all those things. For the most part I as able to do that relatively easy. I’m proud to say I did my very best to always represent myself, and those with whom I was doing shows with, in a positive and fan-driven manner. I stayed clear of the evils that sometimes plague folks in the
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entertainment field. ...
Final Thoughts
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