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Bill Monroe continued: share. A mandolin player, songwriter and singer, Bob is known as the undisputed Father of Bluegrass. Where did the name of Bluegrass music come from? Bill. The original name of his band was The Blue Grass Boys, after the Blue Grass, or now known as Kentucky Bluegrass, that grows in Bill’s home state of Kentucky. Bill is going to play the 1952 version of In the Pines

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Bill Monroe - Tour Bus
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Of course, June Webb was the previous folks’ traveling companion so let’s chat a wee bit about that and then have a little fun with some music I created for this write-up. As with the other entertainers, June traveled by car, family Ford and Tour Bus, other headliners’ Luxury …
June Webb - Tour Transportation
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Touring … Artists and Transportation [continued]
Cars and Roy’s Cadillac Limo … never her own. June always traveled
 with others or her family. Once a solo act, oftentimes when traveling long distances through the night from gig-to-gig June would be the designated driver since many of the guys liked to imbibe. When overseas the form of transportation was a Volkswagen bus. With her touring thoughts scattered among the various touring partners’ write-ups we’ll jump right to June-related music. We are going forego her regular often-heard songs to explore a few pieces ‘created’ for this update. Let’s begin with a melody of individual songs originally recorded by Hank, Don and Little Jimmy: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry 1949, Ages and Ages Ago 1959 and Conscience 1954. First, the guys , those three guys could sing! Okay, now here's  June in 1958, 2016 and 1959 respectively. Note; the first part of June's is off a fading out radio many years ago thus shaky quality. Nonetheless, well done you two. Let’s finish this update with Jim Reeves and June teaming up to sing his blockbuster hit we detailed earlier, 1957’s Four Walls. Unfortunately, the two never had an opportunity to sing the song together other than that little ditty after dinner so long ago. To that end, June’s harmony is from an informal practice a couple of years ago in a friend Lenny’s makeshift music room in a shed at his house. Hmmm, not a bad duet ... those kids have potential, chuckle.
Given the uncertain state our beloved country is in at the present time, it is extremely important to June and me to end with a Spiritual tune, as we always do. This time Farther Along by the great Hank Williams seems to be apropos …

Until the next time ... be safe, be happy and sprinkle a little happiness unto another' s life. God Bless...