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... here is the fact I had not sung in years, especially country, which is much more difficult than other genres such as jazz. To that end, I had to practice before I even murmured a note. That proved to be a huge obstacle here in Sarasota where country music basically doesn’t exist. Hmmm, where was I going to practice? At home? In a Villa in a small quiet gated community that is not a good option other than me doing a little something with my guitar only. Before I’d even think about performing live or recording I’d want to brush up on my guitar playing and singing. In addition, there were no country music musicians here per se’, especially ones familiar with traditional country. Fortunately, through an extensive search and a little luck thrown in John was able to round up a handful of musicians … though only one knew my type of music [but were all willing to give it a shot]. I must point out that we had no equipment either so each of the guys rounded up what they could. Later that week we all met at a small country church outside Plant City, Florida; about 80 miles from here. After a little milling around, we introduced ourselves to each other: “Hi, I’m June” … “I’m Lenard [Lenny], I play Bass” … “I’m George, I play lead guitar”… “I’m Gene, I play harmonica” … and then a barreling voice said, “I’m Savell … I’m the pastor here and I play steel guitar, or at least I’m learning it”. Everyone quickly chipped in setting up the collected equipment.

Once we were ready to go I quickly learned these guys by and large did not have any idea about the music they were about to play. We worked for hours and to their credit they really came around; I was proud of them … and thankful for their help for it seemed by the end of the night I was close to being June Webb again, [June’s chuckling]. As an aside, Lenny offered the use of his home recording room to further practice. In honor of these fine and thoughtful gentlemen I want to share a couple of the practice songs on video to demonstrate how well they came together that night. Mind you, this is only practice to strengthen my voice from such a long absence so do not set your listening bar too high [June’s giggling here]. Here are the two samples from that first session: Singing The Blues [1:04 sample] was a good start but not nearly where I wanted to be Later in the session Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain [1:58 sample] was much closer. Three days later I continued to strengthen my voice at new friend Lenny’s Plant City home … We Could is one sample; it wasn't bad but not quite where I wanted to be.  Then I tried No One Will Ever Know. I felt No One Will Ever Know was close to where I needed to be so after a couple of more sessions I was ready for whatever music event would come up. [Go To The Next Page Please]
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