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Gannaway [continued]
Gannaway 5
Goldie Hill - Memories Volume  2 > Show 1 > Song 6 - Cry, Cry Darling
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June Webb - Memories Volume  3 > Show 1 > Song 8 - Looking Glass [1956]
June Webb
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Goldie Hill
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Hawkshaw Hawkins - Memories Volume  6 > Show 1 > Song 4 - Borrowing
Carl Smith - Memories Volume  3 > Show 1 > Song 5 - Doorsteps
The Jordanaires - Memories Volume  3 > Show 1 > Song 5 - He Lifted Me
Carl Smith
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The Jordanaires
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... at 6:00 a.m. the next morning they would do it all over again and again the next day and the next until an entire TV season was completed. Most of the cast brought changes of clothes so they wouldn’t be wearing the same clothes on different episodes. 
After the marathon Gannaway experience was over, there were lots of hugs and smiles as they watched the taillights of the big `ol Caddy from California disappear into the night…
Hawkshaw Hawkins
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As is our tradition, let's close the Gannaway story with a Gospel tune [below]
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