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Merle Haggard / Bonnie Owens <> Merle <> Merle and Tammy Wynette
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>> Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings <> This song has a pedigree … written by the great Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Mickey Newbury [1980], a legend with other amazing songs such as Shame On Me <> The incomparable Don Gibson recorded and released the original in 1966 <> Next, listen to how Mickey Newbury interprets his song in 1968. The song was also a worldwide hit for Tom Jones and a nice chart hit by Arlene Harden in 1967 … take a listen on Miss June’s Jukebox
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Mickey Newbury <> Don Gibson [click to enlarge photo]
>> Talk Back Trembling Lips <> another song penned by a Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member … John D. Loudermilk [1976] <> Ernest ‘Ernie’ Ashworth’s original in 1963 made it to #1 on Billboard and stayed on the charts for a whopping 35 weeks. In the same year Johnny Tillotson took it to #6 on Billboard’s Contemporary Chart <> Years later in 1991 Becky Hobbs recorded the song on the encouragement of a good friend … yep, Ernie
Songwriters, Originals and Covers Continued
>> Turnin’ off A Memory <> written by, uh huh, a Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Merle Haggard [1977] <> The original recording and release were by the great Merle in 1971 <> In 2016 Reagan Boggs had a fine cover of this beautiful song. Reagan who? Over the years I’ve tried to support younger country singers on Miss June’s website as long as they are singing Traditional Country Music. Though the quality of this cover is below the high standard [too much bass] I prefer on the website, it still is a very good listen
>> Today I Started Loving You Again <> a 1968 song written by Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens <> The original was by Merle in 1968 <> There have been numerous covers <> Sammi Smith's cover in 1975 reached #9 on Billboard. Oddly, since Merle’s was on the B-Side of The Legend Of Bonnie and Clyde it did not chart <> Merle and Tammy Wynette covered this nicely … here is the video <> Martina McBride had a nice cover in 2005 … check it out on June’s Jukebox
John D. Loudermilk <> Ernie Ashworth <> Becky Hobbs
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Merle Haggard <> Merle
Reagan Boggs
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