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Four Great Traditional Country Music Songwriters

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After his tour of duty was over, he moved to Nashville and landed a contract with Acuff-Rose Music.
Songs Written by Mickey Newbury
Mini Bio 
In 1966 Don Gibson took Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings to top 10 success on Country Charts to get Mickey’s country music songwriting skills on the map. It wasn’t until 1968 that Mickey’s career began gaining momentum ... Here Comes the Rain, Baby topped Country Charts for Eddy Arnold while Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) reached #5 on the Pop/Rock Chart by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Sweet Memories #1 on Easy Listening by Andy Williams and Time is a Thief climbed to the top on the R&B chart by Solomon Burke. Lots of Covers of Sweet Memories ... here is Dottie West & Steve Wariner in '73.
Mickey Newbury had such a wide-ranging career it is impossible to capture in a few sentences, I won’t even try ... I’ll just provide a snapshot. Mickey was another of a long line of singer-wannabes ... he sang tenor in a so-so Doo-Wop band that did 
have an opportunity to open for several well-known performers. Heck, Mickey was so obsessed with being a singer/songwriter he even slept in his Pontiac for a while to make ends meet. With minimal music career success, at 19 he joined the Air Force. 
With his success as a writer came bigger aspirations and creative juices. To that end, his music began to buck the standard country music of Nashville at the time. He began recording outside of Nashville to get away from the Nashville sound. That influenced Waylan Jennings and Willie Nelson. Side note: For Miss June and I that is not a good thing. 

In 1980, Mickey was inducted into the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, yet, Mickey stepped away from the music for a while. In the early 90’s, he’s baaaaack. Though Mickey’s health became an issue in 1995, from then to 2002 Mickey was very productive ... doubling his catalog of songs. In the end, Mickey’s songs have been covered over 1,000 times. He personally recorded 25 albums.

M Newbury
Just Drop
Sweet Mem 
D Gibson
JL Lewis
D Sears
J Rodriguez
T Glaser
C Smith
JL Lewis
I Wonder
I Still Love
How I Love
She Woke
Funny, Fam