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Jim Reeves - Touring Bus
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We all know of Jim Reeves as a crooner-like Country Music singer. Fact is, that was not always the case. From the late 1940s until 1957 Jim sang the loud country twang songs of that time period such as 1953's Let Me Love You Just A Little. Slowly that changed when in 1957 Jim wanted to record Four Walls in his own style ... RCA said no, Chet said yes. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves, a little history first ... back in the 1950s Chet Atkins was the A&R [Artists and Repertoire] man for the RCA Record Label. In 1955 Chet signed Jim, a superstar in the making. Jim quickly became a popular Country Music star for RCA. In 1956, when putting together a tour for Jim, Chet was 
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Touring … Artists and Transportation [continued]
so impressed by a new comer named June Webb he signed the youngster to tour with established stars Jim Reeves and the Everly brothers. Over time, Jim became one of June’s best friends … as she says, the moniker ‘Gentle Jim’ fits him perfectly. On a regular basis she had dinner with Jim and Mary [Jim’s wife]. As told before, one night Jim told June he had been given a song he felt was too “girly” so he wanted June to record it instead. The two played and sung the song together at Jim’s home that night. Once June had heard the song, she assured Jim the song was perfect for him. That's when Jim approached RCA and Chet wanting to record the song in "his own style" ... RCA balked but Chet gave Jim his blessing … Four Walls was a huge #1 hit in 1957. Jim supposedly exclaimed, "I'm finally gonna sing like I want to sing". As an aside, of course history has rewritten this story. Let’s spin a couple of more tunes by Jim a Each Beat of My Heart [1949] and What Would You Do [1960].
Now that we are at a point of being more about the touring partners [and a peek of their transportation through photos] than Venues, we’ll pick up the pace … less chatter … more music:
First up, Don Gibson. Don was a favorite of June’s … a quiet and shy man, Don was the ultimate professional. Yes, he was a very talented singer but his songwriting got just as much or perhaps even more acclaim with songs such as Sweet DreamsI Can’t Stop Loving You and Oh, Lonesome Me. Here’s another, I Love No One But You [1950].
Next up the incomparable Marty Robbins.
Don Gibson - Touring Car
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