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For your part, I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for coming along with me on my musical journey. I am well aware that many of you have been with me since the 1950s and for that I am truly grateful. Seven decades plus is a long time to do anything much less music … but I have to admit that I still love it. In fact, to this day I enjoy picking up the guitar and doing a little picking and singing. Though it is unlikely to happen, I’m not going to emphatically rule out any further ‘official’ music events in the future … I still have the love and fortunately the health and ability to do the music.
Lastly, though the site is closing there is no need to say goodbye. John and I plan to leave my music email address in place so if anyone wants to chat or ask a question I am only junewebbmusic@aol.com away.

I have few regrets and only a couple ‘hmmm, I wonder ifs’ as I sign off for the last time… for now I say, ‘see you later’, and leave you with a big ol’ online hug; again … thank you … John, you get the curtain while I sing one last Gospel tune…
[click the stage below and enjoy the entire 4:08 for the final message]

Final Thoughts
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Hi there, everyone! By popular demand, especially from overseas, we have reopened the site. John will be updating it from time to time, especially the Jukebox. I [or John] will always reply. 
Enjoy, June