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Best Voices? [continued]
Country Women with Excellent Countrified Voices
Dottie West: Dottie’s career was all over the map. First, she had a difficult time finding solo success, barely penetrating the top 100. Finally, her career took off [Let Me Off At The Corner in 1963] … heck, she was gaining so much popularity [The Hands You're Holding Now in 1965] that Coca Cola had her write a jingle for them for a commercial. The 1970s were kind to Dottie [Careless Hands in 1971] … heck, 1973 Coal Cola had her write another jingle for a commercial call Country Sunshine. The actual song became a number 2 chart hit. Soon after, Dottie teamed with Kenny Rogers for a few mega hits [Every Time Two Fools Collide in 1979] … and did other duets as well such as with Don Gibson [Sweet Memories] … her 
Dottie West
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career soared. Oops, the duet popularity hurt her solo popularity so her solo recording career suffered. By the mid-‘70s her solo popularity soared again and in 1980 she had her firs solo #1 hit Lesson In Leavin’. From 1989 on Dottie had touring success but not so much with the recording side. In 1991, after suffering through some bad times, Dottie was attempting a comeback. Sadly on August 30, 1991, while on the way to the Opry, an unfortunate sequence of events occurred, beginning with a stalled car, that ultimately led to her death on September 4, 1991. Dottie had numerous chart hits, 8 solo top 10, 6 duet top 10, 3 solo #1s and 2 duet #1s. Dottie, sing us one more, a gospel ... 1967's Where No One Stands Alone.
Tammy Wynette: It would be impossible to properly capture Hairdresser Virginia Pugh’s singing and songwriting career … uh, that would be Tammy’s career in a few words on a website. 20 #1 hits, 34 top 10 hits and 64 chart hits pretty much say it all. Aside from Tammy’s solo groundbreaking success, her duet success was also incredible. In fact, her first #1 hit was with one of Nashville’s great male singer, nope, not George … it was My Elusive Dreams in 1967 with David Houston. Oh yeah, Tammy and George did pretty well together as well, hmmm; e.g., 1995’s Whatever Happened To Us. In all, Tammy’s duet success is impressive … 14 chart duets with 3 of the reaching #1! Many consider Tammy the First Lady of Country Music … her superstar status, her trophy shelf filled to the brim with awards and her resume’ 
Tammy Wynette
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make it impossible to argue against that. I could go on and on but it is fruitless … simply too much to cram in here. Let's spin a nice four-pack: Beneath A Painted Sky in '88 with Emmylou Harris, He’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory [1976], Stand By Your Man [original in 1968] and 'Til I Can Make It On My Own in 1972.
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