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... Floyd Cramer continued: then there was an elite group of musicians that were called the Nashville A-Team … and they backed the top artists and were on many hit records; Floyd was a member of that elite group ... it also included guitarist Chet Atkins, a dear personal friend of June’s, that we've mentioned a few times in the past. Let’s listen to Floyd, along with Chet and Boots Randolph, play Yakety Something back in 1963.
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June met the Wilburn Brothers, Teddy and Doyle, on the Roy Acuff Show. Over the years they became like big brothers to her. When on the road, in the U.S. or abroad, the three of them, and sometimes joined by others, would go to movies, bowl, sightsee etc. to kill time between shows. Heck, they even sang a few songs together on the Show such as in 1959 doing Four Walls. One historical note, in 1955 the Wilburn Brothers turned down Heartbreak Hotel saying it was “strange and morbid”. Hmmm, a guy named Elvis something or another took it instead … #1 in the U.S. as well as four other countries and in the top 10 all over the world … uh, perhaps the 
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Bob Wills [and His Texas Playboys] was a noted band leader of Western Swing; in fact, he called himself the King of Western Swing. However, in 1942 the premier Jazz / Western Swing Los Angles Deejay held a contest to determine the most popular Band Lear and shockingly Spade Cooley won … he was given the moniker "King of Western Swing". Side note: Spade Cooley held that unofficial title until 1961 when he stomped his wife to
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Wilburns - Tour Bus
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Touring … Artists and Transportation [continued]
Wilburns were a tad hasty in their decision-making, chuckle. Ooooh, just kidding, they did just fine in their Country Music Career with hits like Trouble’s Back in Town in 1962.
death [sad interesting story, worth a few minutes of your time]. Ummm, back on the upbeat Bob Wills. Truth be known, Bob was a Fiddle Player, Mandolin Player, songwriter and Band Leader … and for his adlibs, ahhhaaaas, yeehaaas, high-pitched repeating of words etc. during songs ... but surely not a singer … that honor went to the great vocalist Tommy Duncan. Let’s listen to San Antonio Rose an instrumental song Bob wrote and recorded in 1938 and then wrote lyrics to it in 1940.
Bill Monroe [and His Bluegrass Boy] was a very shy but nice person. He hardly spoke but when he did folks listened … he had both wisdom and experience in the music business to ...