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... watch the sunset on world famous Siesta Key Beach. So, Robin likes to get out and about as do all visitors. Of course, wherever we go we over eat. Late one evening around 11:30 PM, however, Robin brought.out a portable keyboard and said, “Hey Mom, I’ve never sung with you so let’s do it”. At first, I was taken aback, especially given the time of night, but also more than willing. John went into another room and grabbed one of my guitars and not long after Robin and I were having a ball. What we did not realize was that John had grabbed his Mini Zoom Recorder and was capturing the entire thing, playful nonsense and all. We played well into the night. The next morning when I awoke John had quite a surprise for me … he had edited the previous night’s recordings and lo and behold had come up with a couple of songs. Rather than me tell you about them let them speak for themselves ... song #1 ... song #2. Hope you enjoyed the songs as much as I enjoyed the fun singing with Robin. Note: Once again you hear the 'correct tempo' of a song on the Reminiscing CD]
Unexpected and Unplanned Return [continued]
>> As we wind down, I want to once again express my sincere heartfelt appreciation for some special folks who have been instrumental in making my return a success. Again, no particular order: Jim Reynolds of Customer Recording Studio in Minnesota. Jim made the Reminiscing… CD happen <> Bud Snyder of Spirit Ranch Recording Studio in Sarasota for, as an audio engineer and producer, working diligently with John and I to get Reminiscing… to the high-quality bar I set for myself before it was released <> National Traditional Country Music Association [NTCMA] president Bob Everhart [also want to mention his wife Sheila and daughter Bobbie Lhea]. Bob was instrumental in booking me a number of live performances as well as putting me in a position to receive three prestigious awards. He and his wife [Sheila shown in photo] even did a show with me here in Sarasota <> Lenny Crosby for sharing his Home Studio with me for practicing after it became clear I was returning to singing, performing and recording; he was very giving and supportive [Note: that was Lenny singing harmony with me on the first Four Wall you heard] <> All the fine musicians that backed me during the shows and on the Reminiscing… CD. I want to make special note of the super talents of Pedal Steel Guitarist Albert Svenddal, he is amazing … right there with the greats of my past. Fiddler [and most every other instrument as well] Jake Simpson. He takes second place to no one. His work on Reminiscing… is creative and masterful. Plus, using a borrowed guitar at Spirit, Jake, expertly replaced the original guitar work on all of the songs ... it took the sound to another level ... a simply outstanding musician. Fiddler Brian Arrowood has a terrific resume … aside from being an in-demand session player, he tours with the likes of Travis Tritt and Billy Dean, shares the stage with legendary Charlie Daniels and others, and has opened for top artists including Alan Jackson <> The DJs that played my music back in the 1950s and 1960s whose names escape me now...
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