Yep, it's me, June Webb! I know, fans are full of questions; where have you been, why did you leave, what about this, why that, and so on. All in due time, but first I want to say how excited I am to be back if only on this site and on my first ever Album/CD. It is important to begin by thanking my loyal fans from back in the `50s & `60s, it is you who made that period in my life very special ... and it is for you that I decided to come out of hiding, just kidding about the hiding part. Truth is, I am an extremely private person so I simply transitioned into a lower profile life, blended into the woodwork as my mom would have said. It is also important to welcome all new fans of vintage country music and hopefully of my music from that amazing era.
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Now, let's fill in a few gaps, ummm, chasms created by my leaving and the best way is to start with a sort of Bio, one that uses some of the info on the CD but is a tad more brief. I was born into a musical family in L'Anse, Michigan, we moved to Miami, Florida when I was young. Our parents got my siblings [Shirley & Ford] and me involved in singing, dancing, and playing various instruments at an early age. As my journey continued to wind it's way through life Shirley and I, backed up by the family band, became the Harmony Sweethearts. That exciting time eventually found us performing at some of the world's premier venues with many of the country music greats. In the early `50s my path led me to a solo career with many memorable appearances and venues including the Grand Ole Opry. After a brief stint with RCA in the mid 1950s I signed with the Roy Acuff Show as the group's lead female singer. It was during this time that I, though I am not one who seeks attention, was honored to have received Billboard Magazine’s prestigious 'Most Promising Female Artist' award as voted on by country & western disc jockeys [1958].  In the early `60s life's many challenges coupled with several years with the Roy Acuff Show, which took us around the country and the world countless times, brought me to conclude that it was time for change.

Leaving my beloved country music behind was difficult ... and beginning to travel an unknown path was scary … yet there was a refreshing excitement as well. Soon I was performing what they now call 'Easy Listening' music in a wide variety of venues around the country. The new path of life's journey was set.

That's about it in a nutshell ... okay, I realize there is still much to cover and we will in time. Thank you so much for visiting the site, enjoy the wonderful memories! I'm tickled to be back, June
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Miss June was inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame September 3, 2011

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A Mansion On The Hill

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